Draft Environmental Study Report: Public Comment Period Now Open

Infrastructure Ontario, on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI), has undertaken the Category C Public Work Class Environmental Assessment (EA) project for the future public spaces and parkland (the public realm) at Ontario Place. As a result of the Category C EA process, a preferred design for the site’s future public realm has been developed. A draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) has been posted on the Environmental Registry of Ontario and on www.EngageOntarioPlace.ca for a 60-day comment period, from July 4 to September 2, 2023. 

The draft ESR documents the planning, design, and consultation steps that were completed as part of the Class EA process, as well as presents the preferred design for the public realm. The redevelopment of the public realm at Ontario Place has been carried out in accordance with the Category C Public Work Class EA process, which is an approved planning process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

A Notice of Completion has now been posted, and the draft ESR can be viewed here. The draft ESR Appendices are included in the Document Library and can be viewed here.The final ESR will take into consideration the comments received and is anticipated to be posted in the fall of 2023.