What is the vision for the Ontario Place redevelopment?

The vision for the Ontario Place redevelopment is to create a remarkable world-class, year-round destination that will include family-friendly entertainment, public and event spaces, parkland, and enhanced waterfront access. 

Ontario Place will provide people of all ages with something to enjoy, including enhanced public spaces, increased access to the waterfront, a beach, pools, health and wellness services, as well as an indoor-outdoor live music and performance venue that will host events year-round. 

The redevelopment will create approximately 5,000 new jobs, during both construction and permanent operations stages, yield millions of dollars in rental payments for the province, attract an estimated four to six million visitors each year, and more.

Ontario Place will be a destination for families, friends, and tourists to recreate memories of years past and build new memories for the future.

How is the government working with the private sector on the redevelopment?

Once the redevelopment is completed, any occupied land will be leased from the Government of Ontario and there will be no casinos or condos built on-site. In addition to the free public spaces, parkland and waterfront access, visitors will have the opportunity to experience year-round entertainment and recreational activities, developed by Therme Canada and Live Nation.

Therme Canada and Live Nation were selected as development partners through the 2019 Call for Development process to lease land at Ontario Place from the Government of Ontario.

How are sustainability and climate issues being considered?

As part of the redevelopment project, the government is exploring sustainability measures, such as flood mitigation, habitat creation, enhanced biodiversity, water quality improvements, and storm water management systems. The government is working with several groups, including the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Indigenous communities, as we make progress on the redevelopment.

How will the trees and wildlife be protected at Ontario Place?

The Ontario Place redevelopment will minimize disturbance to natural heritage features as much as possible. During construction, preventative measures will be put in place to minimize any impacts to birds and wildlife. A natural heritage consultant has also been engaged to ensure that wildlife remains protected, and any impacts are mitigated. For example, barn swallow nesting structures were installed as new habitats at Trillium Park in advance of repairs starting to the Cinesphere and Pod complex. In addition, the redevelopment will replace any trees removed as a result of construction on-site.

What principles of the original Michael Hough landscape design will be retained?

Over the years, Ontario Place has been significantly modified from the original Michael Hough design from 1970. Key principles from the original plan will be preserved and enhanced, including access to the water’s edges, creating a diversity of shoreline experiences, preserving access across the site, and views of the water.

What are the plans for the new public space?

With the partial closure of Ontario Place in 2012, there has been minimal investment in the site’s public spaces over the past decade. Through the redevelopment project, Ontario Place will have enhanced parkland and public spaces, as well as access to the water.  

The enhanced public spaces at Ontario Place will include increased access to the waterfront, more natural park experiences, additional space for recreational activities and public gathering all year-round. 

Once complete, the Ontario Place redevelopment will create a beautiful and cohesive landscape that will seamlessly integrate the redeveloped site with the expanded public space. 

When does construction begin at Ontario Place?

The redevelopment of Ontario Place is a large-scale and complex project that will take several years to complete. There will be various stages of construction that will include both public space and lands that will be enhanced by Therme Canada and Live Nation. 

Repairs to the exterior of the Pod complex and Cinesphere started in Fall 2022 and site servicing construction began in Spring 2023 and construction of the public space is anticipated to begin as early as 2024. The construction of tenant facilities is expected to begin by 2025, following environmental, heritage and development approvals. Tenants would also be required to secure building permits prior to starting construction.