The project

On July 30, 2021, the Ontario government announced three private-sector partners that will help deliver on the province’s commitment to redeveloping Ontario Place into an exciting, inclusive and family-friendly experience that will serve both as a tourism destination and a display of Ontario’s strong cultural identity.

The site will attract local, provincial, and international visitors — with landmarks such as sports and entertainment attractions, recreational facilities, and retail. These landmarks will be complemented by upgraded park spaces and a new public realm experience. To deliver on this vision, in 2019 the Ontario government first launched a fair, transparent, and open Call for Development process, in order to select the development partners.

The Ontario government is working with Infrastructure Ontario to prepare the site for redevelopment, which will include significant public realm upgrades. Browse the streams to learn more about these areas of work and the project team.

Learn more about the work we are currently doing by visiting the Work Underway page.

We are committed to engaging with the public and keeping you informed. As we continue to move forward, public input is critical to support the planning and redevelopment of Ontario Place. Over the next two years, Infrastructure Ontario, on behalf of the Ontario government, will be seeking your input on what you consider to be important aspects of the Ontario Place site, both now and into the future. We will be:

  • informing you about the project with timely, clear and credible information regarding the Environmental Assessment process and related site preparation activities, including clarity on the roles of government and other partners
  • consulting you through multiple and diverse forums to get a wide range of perspectives, including those from underrepresented communities and rural areas
  • involving you in key decision-making through transparent reporting of consultation findings and opportunities for review

Learn more about how you can participate in shaping key decisions regarding the design and redevelopment of Ontario Place.