8: Schedule and next steps

Thank you for participating in the Virtual Public Engagement Room

This room will remain open for comments until November 18, 2022. Once the comment period is closed, the room will be archived but will remain accessible until the end of the EA and public realm design process in late 2023.  

Between now and Spring 2023, the project team will be evaluating the conceptual public realm design concepts with public feedback and the evaluation criteria to present a preferred alternative. Results of the evaluation process and a preferred public realm design will be presented for additional feedback at the next public engagement event in Spring 2023. Following that session, a refined and final public realm design plan will be included as part of the development application resubmission to the City of Toronto (Summer 2023). 

Please visit the Updates section of the project website regularly for details. 

The current timeline for the project is shown below: 

Timeline graphic showing three project phases: project initiation during 2021; design, environmental assessment and approvals from 2022 to 2023, and construction in 2024 and 2025. The events shown during the project initiation phase are a survey, the survey report and two information sessions. EA launch is shown at the beginning of the design, EA and approvals phase in winter 2022, followed by a municipal development application submission in Fall 2022, target ESR completion mid-2023, municipal development application resubmission in summer 2023, and the final public realm design in Fall 2023. Four engagement events are also shown below in April 2022, fall 2022, spring 2023, and late summer or early fall 2023. Consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities is shown below occurring throughout the project timeline.
Note: Timelines are indicative and subject to change 


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