Municipal Development Approvals

In order to make the site development-ready, the Ontario government is following the City’s of Toronto’s development review process to secure site-wide planning approvals for Ontario Place.

Illustration of a building

Key objectives include:

  • Obtain site-wide municipal development approvals to permit the proposed uses for the redeveloped Ontario Place.
What development approvals is the Ontario government seeking?

To help realize the vision for Ontario Place and make the site development-ready for both tenant and government undertakings, an updated municipal planning framework (Official Plan and zoning) is required for the entire site, including tenanted areas and non-tenanted areas.

On behalf of the Ontario government, Infrastructure Ontario and its planning consultant, Urban Strategies Inc., submitted an application for Official Plan and zoning by-law amendments in November 2022.  While the Official Plan amendment applies to the entire site, the rezoning seeks development permissions specific to the West Island and Mainland. An updated application was submitted to the City in mid-September 2023 following review of the original submission by the City and public consultation. The updated application includes a revised design concept and incorporates changes resulting from City and public input.

A City of Toronto staff report (Ontario Place Redevelopment – Priority Areas for Collaboration and Development Approvals Process) was adopted by City Council on February 2, 2022, and provides more details on the agreed-upon approach to development approvals, as well as other priority areas for collaboration with the province.

Current status

The application is currently under review by the City of Toronto and other commenting agencies. The full application submission, including supporting reports and plan, can be found on the City of Toronto website . The City of Toronto will be hosting public consultation meetings on the application starting in April, and more information can be found here.